The Underground: Resurrection

The history of V2
After the failure of The Underground, the founding team hired a new developer in attempts to resurrect the game. The resurrection essentially involved creating a brand new game, built using the same in-game NFTs and tokens of the original however rebuilt completely from the ground up with all new smart contracts, tokenomics and game features.
For the resurrection to work, many sacrifices needed to be made. $BLOOD and $GOLD from V1 of the game had reached their maximum supply limits, NFTs of Characters and Items were at all time lows on secondary markets and there was very little community engagement.
See the relaunch FAQ for common questions and sacrifices made.
The new game has been designed specifically to support the floor price of Fighters and $BLOOD, while providing an exciting and engaging new way to gamefi. The beauty of the game is in the power it gives to users. There are countless different strategies that can be pursued. The challenge will be in finding the best strategy to get ahead of your fellow players, and reap the rewards.

Game Changes

All information in this Whitepaper is in reference to the new game - The Underground: Resurrection.