Relaunch FAQ

Have questions? Here might be the answers.

Common Questions

What is happening with V1 of the game?

V1 is currently paused. Fighters are not generating $BLOOD nor can they do Raids. They can not be unstaked.
Players should keep an eye on the Discord for updates on the phased roll out.

What is happening with V2 of the game?

V2 will be launched in phases. See the phased roll out plan.

What is the difference between V1 and V2 of the game?

The entire game has been re-written from the ground up with all new features and tokenomics.
Here are some of the main changes:
  • Fighters do not level down after 7 days, but will stop emitting $BLOOD if you don't level up and enter at least one raid per week.
  • Raid tokenomics have been completely reworked and enhanced.
  • Forges create Weapons you can attach to Fighters to make them stronger in Raids. These Weapons may break and need repairing/replacing over time. Owners of forges will make a % of repair costs.
  • You can stake $BLOOD to earn Sweat, a token that you can allocate to your fighters to make them stronger in Raids.
  • As Fighters compete in Raids they earn Scars which make them stronger in future Raids.
  • Fight Clubs are where Fighters will Raid. You need to pay an entry cost to enter the Raid. Owners of Fight Clubs will make a % on the entry costs.
  • Everything in the game now occurs running costs. If you do not pay to level up Fighters, Rings, Amulets, Forges and Fight Clubs (or pay the maintenance fee to retain the current levels) they will eventually stop working.

What happens to V1 NFTs?

At the set migration phase, players will be able to migrate their V1 NFTs (Fighters, Yakuza, Rings and Amulets) to V2. This is a migration from the ERC-721 to ERC-1155 token standard.

What are the conversion rates from V1 to V2 NFTs?

  • Fighter and Yakuza are 1:1.
  • Rings and amulets are 10:1 and consolidate into a single NFT. This means if you have 30 Rings, you get a single Level 3 V2 Ring.
You will need 10 Rings or Amulets to migrate a V1 Ring or Amulet into a V2 ring or amulet.
If you do not have multiples of 10 Rings and/or Amulets, you can still buy or sell them on NFTrade.

What is happening with $BLOOD?

Nothing. $BLOOD is still the main in-game currency. The total supply cap and token remains as is.

What about all the $BLOOD currently in circulation?

For the relaunch to be successful, the game will needs to soak up as much of the circulating $BLOOD as it can. This will be done in phase 1 via the initial minting of Forges and Fight Clubs which is minted with $BLOOD.
Players should keep an eye on the Discord for updates on the minting of Forges and Fight Clubs.

Can I still claim my unclaimed $BLOOD in V1?

Sadly no. All unclaimed $BLOOD is now lost. For the V2 relaunch to be successful we need to burn as much $BLOOD in circulation as we can. Minting of Forges and Fight Clubs prior to launch is to achieve this. Allowing claiming of unclaimed $BLOOD counteracts this.

I do not have enough $BLOOD to mint a Forge or Fight Club. What can I do?

You can purchase $BLOOD off TraderJoe.

Wait? Do I need to put more money into this game?

Players do not need to mint Forges or Fight Clubs to play. These are extra items and features introduced in V2, each with their own benefits to those that own them. It is advised to understand how they fit into the new game.
Existing players can simply play with their existing NFTs after the migration phase if they choose to.

When is the Forge mint?

Mint is happening now! Go to to mint Forges.

When is the Fight Club mint?

Mint is happening now! Go to to mint Fight Clubs.

When is the Fighter, Yakuza, Ring and Amulet migration?

You can migrate now! Got to to migrate.

What is happening with $GOLD?

The migration and use for $GOLD is still TBD. $GOLD is an end game feature and will be redesigned once the relaunch is complete.
Players should keep an eye on the Discord for updates on $GOLD.