Want more $BLOOD? Get a better Ring!
Old Rings from The Underground (V1) will be exchanged for new ones at a rate of 10:1
  • 10 x V1 Rings = 1 x Level 1 V2 Ring
  • 30 x V1 Rings = 1 x Level 3 V2 Ring
  • 55 x V1 Rings = 1 x Level 5 V2 Ring and 5 x V1 Rings (not converted)
Rings are upgradeable NFTs that increase $BLOOD production per Fighter when staked. The increase is based on the Rings current level.


The price of Rings increase incrementally per level and per number of fighters they are affecting.


  • Upgrading a Ring from level 1 to 2 costs less then upgrading from level 2 to 3.
  • Upgrading a Ring from level 1 to 2 with 50 Fighters costs less then upgrading from level 1 to 2 with 200 Fighters.
Rings have a maintenance cost. Every 7 days players will need to either upgrade to the next level or pay the price of the current level. Rings that are not maintained will loose their benefit.
Players initially purchase and level up Rings using $BLOOD.


Players must have a minimum of 3 Fighters per level. If a player has less then the required number of Fighters they will not be able to upgrade the Ring until they obtain more.
Players must also have at least a level 1 Amulet active to be able to upgrade a Ring to level 10.
Players who can not upgrade a Ring due to a lack of Fighters must still pay the costs to maintain the current level.

Cool downs

Rings have a 48 hour cool down period when unstaked.


Players can only have 1 active Ring at any given time.
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Cool downs