You must enter the arena to play.
Players will need to stake their NFTs to play the game and earn $BLOOD and Sweat.
This includes Fighters, Yakuza, Rings, Amulets, Forges and Fight Clubs.


When a player stakes a fighter it immediately starts earn $BLOOD.
The amount of $BLOOD a single Fighter can earn is based on the level of the Fighter + the level of any Rings the player may have active.
Fighters will stop earning if they are not levelled up in the allocated time frame and if they do not compete in at least 1 Raid per week!


Players need to stake their Yakuza for them to earn $BLOOD. Yakuza earn $BLOOD from other players playing the game. When certain actions are performed, $BLOOD is distributed amongst all staked Yakuza. The rank of a staked Yakuza dictates the amount it earns compared to the other Yakuza.


Players can have 1 active Ring at any given time which needs to be staked to be considered active.


Players can have 1 active Amulet at any given time which needs to be staked to be considered active.


When Forges are staked they are eligible to earn Weapon fees. When Weapon upgrades and repairs are performed, the fee is distributed evenly amongst all staked Forges.
Fees are paid in $BLOOD.

Fight Clubs

A Fight Club must be staked in order to hold Raids and collect fees from these Raids. If a Fight Club is unstaked, it has a 48 hour cool down period before it can be restaked.
Fees are paid in $BLOOD.


$BLOOD can be staked to earn Sweat.