PVP = Raids
Fighters can barely call themselves a fighter if they do not fight. All Fighters must fight! No exceptions!
If a Fighter does not participate in at least one (1) Raid per week, they will stop earning $BLOOD from staking.
Raids are the PVP aspect of the game that are hosted at Fight Clubs. Although there is an element of chance, having a strategy is imperative to winning. Weapons, Sweat and Scars all contribute to the way a Raid can play out.
Raids will be vital for extra $BLOOD revenue and is an indication of how well a players are playing the game.
Have too many Fighters? Try Bulk Raids!


Raids come in various sizes and level tiers.
The size of a Raid dictates how many Fighters can enter before the Raid is full and it can start.
The level tier of a Raid dictates the levels of which Fighters must be at to enter the Raid.
See Fight Club Traits for more details on Raid size and level tiers and how they relate to Fighter levels.

Entry Fees

The entry fee to join a Raid is based on the Raid tier and level of the Fighter entering. The higher the Raid tier and Fighter level, the more $BLOOD it will cost to enter.

Weapon Requirements

Fighters entering a Raid levels 4 and above are required to be equipped with the applicable Weapons.
  • A level 10 Fighter will need to equip Knuckles to be able to Raid at the applicable Raid level tier 4.
  • A level 19 Fighter will need to equip Knuckles and Chains to be able to Raid at the applicable Raid level tier 7.


Once a Raid is full it can start. Any player can start a Raid. The player that starts the Raid becomes the referee and earns between 5 to 10% of the revenue from the Raid for doing so.
The player who starts the Raid will pay the $AVAX GAS fees for that Raid to execute however will also be rewarded in $BLOOD and possibly Weapons for doing so.
The % of revenue the referee is awarded is based on the $BLOOD to $AVAX price to ensure the referee is compensated for the GAS fee spent to execute the Raid.
If no one chooses to be the referee, the dev wallet will eventually step in and execute the Raid.


All Raids pay the victor rewards however higher level Raids give better rewards. This includes rewards for more placing in the Raid, more $BLOOD per placing and at very high levels, Weapons!
Once a Raid is completed the Raid rewards is divided up as follows.
  • 40 to 55% - Winning Fighters of the Raid.
  • 25% - Fight Club owner that hosted the Raid.
  • 5% - Divided evenly among staked Yakuza.
  • 5 to 10% - Referee.
  • 5 to 25% - Burned.
Higher level Raids pay out winnings to more Fighters.


  • Level 1 Raid pays 25% to 1st and 15% to 2nd place Fighters only.
  • Level 4 Raid pays 25% to 1st, 15% to 2nd place and 5% from 3rd through 5th.
Higher level Raids burn less $BLOOD as more placings are awarded.

Taking from the Yakuza

Some fighters are very cunning and at times can out play the Yakuza.
The winning Fighters cunning score will give up to a 50% chance to take the Yakuza share of the rewards.


  • If the Raid winner has a cunning score of 50 there is a 25% chance of taking the Yakuza share.
  • If the Raid winner has a cunning score of 100 there is a 50% chance of taking the Yakuza share.

$BLOOD Burned

The amount of $BLOOD burned per raid is dependant on the % given to the winning Fighters and the % given to the referee.
The maximum $BLOOD that can be burned is 25% when, due to the Raid size, the winning Fighters are awarded 40% and, due to the $BLOOD to $AVAX price, the referee is awarded 5%.
The minimum $BLOOD that can be burned is 5% when, due to the Raid size, the winning Fighters are awarded 55% and, due to the $BLOOD to $AVAX price, the referee is awarded 10%.


Raids play out in 2 parts. First is the Yakuza Intimidation Round and second is the blood round.

Yakuza Intimidation Round

When entering a Raid players need to align with one of the 3 Yakuza families. If a player affiliates with the wrong family they are at risk of being kicked out of the Raid before they even get to fight. This round serves as a wild card where stronger Fighters can get eliminated.
Yakuza family order: Yamaguchi -> Sumiyoshi -> Inagawa -> (back to Yamaguchi).
There is no dominant family.
At the beginning of each Raid a random family is selected. Fighters from that family get to advance to the Blood Bound but with no bonuses applied. This is where the order of family matters. Based on the order, the family prior also gets to advance to the blood round and gets an additional 5% bonus.
The Fighters from the remaining family are initially kicked out of the Raid but have a chance to advance with a successful courage check. Every Fighter has a courage Trait which aids them in passing this check.
A courage score of 100 makes a Fighter immune to losing the courage check!


If the randomly selected family is Sumiyoshi then all Yamaguchi and Sumiyoshi Fighters advance to the blood round. Yamaguchi Fighters would get a 5% Raid bonus and Inagawa Fighters are kicked out unless they pass the courage check.

The Blood Round

All Fighters that have passed the Yakuza Intimidation Round enter the Blood Round. This is where a Fighters brutality score, Sweat, Scars, Weapons and Yakuza Intimidation Round bonuses come into play.
A Fighters total score is made up of the follows.
  • 40% - Fighters level * brutality score.
  • 30% - Weapon score.
  • 20% - Sweat.
  • 5% - Scars.
  • 5% - Yakuza Intimidation Round bonus.