The Basics

So what is The Underground: Resurrection?
The Underground: Resurrection is an 100% on-chain, community-driven strategy game combining collectable utility-focused NFTs with DeFi mechanics and risk analysis.
In the game, Fighters and Yakuza (Character NFTs) battle for $BLOOD, the in-game token. Fighters can only earn $BLOOD by entering regular bouts, while the Yakuza run the arena and have more underhand $BLOOD earning methods.
Gen 0 Characters were initially minted with $AVAX whereas all future Generations are minted in-game with $BLOOD. There is a 10% chance to mint a Yakuza and 90% change to mint a Fighter.
The more Characters, the higher their level and the better their Weapons, the more $BLOOD earned. Fighters will stop generating $BLOOD if not used to encourage players to keep active.
If fighting isn't your thing then how about starting a business. Players can own and run Fight Clubs and Forges which other players need to interact with in order to play and win Raids. This provides owners with a steady income stream from the collected fees.
Do you have what it takes to reign supreme in the arena or succeed as a business kingpin in The Underground: Resurrected?