The Kingpins
Yakuza collect $BLOOD from fighters and also have a chance to steal new mints from players.
Yakuza are the most powerful element in the game and require no time or effort. They are the kings of passive income. The more players in the game, the more valuable the Yakuza get.


Yakuza are ranked from 5-8. The higher the rank, the more $BLOOD they earn and the more likely they are to acquire stolen Fighters.


Oyabun (Boss) — Lvl. 8 Wakagashira (Lieutenant) — Lvl. 7 Kyodai (Big Brothers) — Lvl. 6 Shatei (Little Brothers) — Lvl. 5

Ranks example

An Oyabun (Lvl. 8) and a Shatei (Lvl. 5) are both staked.
  • If 130,000 $BLOOD have been accumulated in protection fees, the Oyabun will be able to claim 80,000 $BLOOD and the Shatei will be able to claim 50,000 $BLOOD
  • If a newly minted Fighter or Yakuza is stolen, the Oyabun has a 62% chance of receiving it and the Shatei has a 38% chance of receiving it.


Yakuza are rare. They have a 10% chance of being minted.


Yakuza have various traits. These are randomly set between 0-100 when minted. The higher the trait the better. These traits can be upgraded with $GOLD and dictate how characters do in Raids.


When players mint new characters, Yakuza have a 10% chance to steal them. This only applies to newly minted Fighters and Yakuza.


Yakuza have multiple ways of earning when staked.
  • Yakuza earn 20% of $BLOOD claimed by staked Fighters.
  • Yakuza earn $BLOOD from 50% of Fighters who unstake.
  • Yakuza earn 10% of the fees for each Raid.
  • Yakuza steal 10% of newly minted Fighters and Yakuza.


Yakuza collect 100% of earned $BLOOD when claimed.


Collect 100% of earned $BLOOD when they are unstaked.