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Characters have various traits including Brutality, Cunning and Courage. These range in value from 0-100. When minted, a value was randomly set for each trait. The higher the trait value the better.
Traits dictate how characters do in Raids.
Traits can only be upgraded with $GOLD.


Brutality is the key attribute which contributes 40% to the success ratio of a Fighter in the fight round of a Raid. The higher a Fighters brutality, the more likely it is to win the fight round.
Fighters must get to the blood round first!


Cunning the the key attribute that dictates how much $BLOOD a Fighter can earn for winning a Raid.
A fighter's cunning score will also give up to a 50% chance to take the Yakuza share of the profits. If the Raid winner has a cunning score of 50 there is a 25% chance of taking the Yakuza share. This can be a nice boost to the fighter, sometimes doubling the take!


Courage is the key attribute when making it through the Yakuza Intimidation Round in a Raid. The higher a Fighters Courage the more chance they have to not get intimidated.
A courage score of 100 makes a Fighter immune to losing the Yakuza Intimidation Round!