Limitless opportunity.
All character NFTs have currently been minted. You can only obtain them via the secondary market at NFTrade.
The game launched with Generation 0 to initially bootstrap the game. Shortly after, Generation 1 was released which eventually minted out. Future Generations will be added when needed.


Generation 0

Gen 0 was minted with $AVAX at the static price of 2.7 $AVAX. This was a limited supply of 12k to bootstrap the game. Generation 0 have many existing and future benefits that no other Generation will have making them some of the most sought after characters in the game.

Generation 1

Gen 1 was minted with the in game currency $BLOOD. The prices for these varied based on various states of the game. This was limited to a supply of 39k.

Future Generations

As the game grows there will come a time when Gen 2 is needed however there are no immediate plans for Gen 2 just yet.