All fighters must fight!
Fighters compete in bouts in the arena to earn $BLOOD.


Fighters are the most common character. They have a 90% chance of being minted. Minted Fighters will start off either as Level 0, 1, 2, or 3. Levels are increased by paying $BLOOD.


Fighters have various traits. These are randomly set between 0-100 when minted. The higher the trait the better. These traits can be upgraded with $GOLD and dictate how characters do in Raids.


Fighters are staked to earn $BLOOD. The higher your Fighter’s level, the more $BLOOD they earn. A Fighter will only earn $BLOOD for 7 days (or longer with the use of an Amulet) before it will stop earning and needs to be levelled. You can upgrade your Fighter’s level by spending $BLOOD.


Fighters must compete in Raids to earn $BLOOD. ALL Fighters must participate in one (1) Raid per Week. If a Fighter has not entered a Raid that week, it will stop earning $BLOOD from Staking.


If a Fighter wants to claim their earned $BLOOD they must pay a 20% fee to the Yakuza. Once claimed, a Fighter must stay staked for at least 24 hours before they can be unstaked.


Unstaking is dangerous. When unstaking there is a 50% chance the Yakuza steal all the unclaimed $BLOOD.